Your mobile phone’s battery is one of the few internal components that is subject to degrading performance over time.

Best Prices for Used Mobile PhonesThankfully, mobile phone batteries are much better than they used to be, and we no longer have to deal with “memory effect” – where a battery needs to be fully discharged regularly to avoid quickly losing capacity. This was common with old NiMH and NiCdbatteries.

Still, modern Li-Ion batteries can become less efficient, even if the effect is less pronounced. Over time, you might find that you get less than a full day’s use from your device.

Here’s how to look after your battery properly and mitigate this.

The Best Way to Charge Your Phone

Unlike old mobile phones, today’s smartphones cope with different charging cycles. You don’t need to run the battery down flat first.

However, mobile phones tend to support around 500 charges before battery capacity subtly falls.

You can avoid placing too much strain on your battery by charging it before it’s flat. There’s no need to charge it until it’s full; keeping the battery at about 50% power is a good strategy. Occasionally, you can allow it to run out and recharge it to 100%, but you shouldn’t do this every day.

If you use a rapid charger or Quick Charger, bear in mind that it heats the battery up, and that in itself can cause it to wear out more quickly. When you can slow charge, it’s a sensible move.

As with any device, you should avoid allowing the battery to go completely flat if you aren’t going to use the phone for a while. And batteries do lose a certain amount of capacity if you leave them turned off.

We recommend you charge to between 25% and 75% before putting the phone in a drawer. That will ensure that the battery is healthy when you come to turn it on again.

Use the Right Charger

In addition, all batteries should be charged using the charger that it came with. If your phone didn’t come with a charger, check the instructions to figure out what kind of charger it needs.

We recommend that you use CE marked chargers and you do not leave them plugged in for excessive periods.

Taking Care of Your Phone

In the UK, we’re used to fairly mild temperatures. If you take your phone on holiday, you’ll probably be surprised at how hot it can get when left out in the sun.

In fact, leaving your phone on the dashboard of a hot car can permanently damage it.

All electronic devices should be kept at a comfortable room temperature. If you plan to use your phone while sunbathing, keep usage brief and store it in the shade.

Also, take care to avoid humid environments, like hot gyms and bathrooms, where water can get inside the device and corrode the internal components.