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Europe’s mobile phone industry ranks as one of the most competitive sectors of the entire economy. When it comes to choosing a new handset and mobile plan, customers really do want it all – the very latest models, the very best specifications, all-you-can-eat minutes and data, all at the very lowest prices.

As a result, phone retailers and mobile service providers alike have to be extremely price conscious. As well as offering exceptional service and attractive added-value bundles, they have to be aware that if their prices creep too high, customers will happily debunk to a competitor who is prepared to undercut them.

At Rea Communications, we have developed our GR8 Mobile brand to help phone traders and airtime dealers hit the sweet spot – the ideal balance between premium quality and exceptional value. How do we do that? Quite simple, really – we take the very best used mobile handsets we come across, recondition them completely, and package them in a branded box with the usual accessories.

That creates a package that is exactly like offering a brand new boxed phone. Just at a fraction of the price.

Premium second hand devices

The phrase ‘second hand’ carries connotations of tired, worn-out goods that have outlived their usefulness for one owner so are being sold on for a knock-down price. But not all second hand stuff fits with that stereotype.

We come across plenty of used mobile phones that are in virtually pristine condition. Every device we handle goes through a rigorous 20-point test to ascertain and grade both its working and aesthetic condition. The very best handsets – what we rate as Grade A Pristine– are in almost perfect cosmetic condition, with no outward signs of scratching and damage.

We put these devices through a reconditioning process to restore them to original working order. What you have after this is a mobile phone that is in practically as good condition as it was when it was first bought.

Why branded boxes?

Much of retail is all about perception. No matter how good a condition it is in, many people will not be able to see past the fact that a used phone sold out of the box is second hand. They will question its quality, question its reliability.

We created the GR8 Mobile brand to try to tackle those preconceptions. We know that our premium handsets are the match of virtually any brand new device and wanted to find a way to communicate this to consumers. We decided the logical solution was to copy the way new mobile phones are sold.

So we put our premium handsets in a box. We created a brand, we include charger leads and screen protectors in the package. We offer a 12-month repair and replacement warranty, just as customers expect from a new mobile.

In this way, we believe GR8 Mobile shifts the agenda on second hand phones. Our GR8 Mobile range is not just positioned for the used mobile market – our goods are able to hold their own against brand new devices as well. The big advantage they have, of course, is price.

Contact us today to learn more about our GR8 Mobile range and how you can start stocking it.


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