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Used mobile phones can be a magnet for scammers, but if they’re properly secured, you don’t need to worry. The key is to be prepared before you sell a device, and immediately after you purchase a replacement, so that your data is always save.

Here’s our myth-busting guide to used mobile phone security.

1. Your data will be stolen when your phone is recycled

As long as you’re careful, there’s no reason to believe that your data will be at risk when you’re selling or buying a phone. You just have to know how to secure it.

In a study by CPP, 54% of used mobile phones were found to still have data from the old owner. But this is easy to prevent with a factory reset.

When you do a factory reset, all of the personal data on the device is wiped. Of course, you’ll need to back up the data first.

Don’t forget to remove memory cards from their slots, too; it’s surprising how many used mobile phones are sent off for recycling with precious photos still stored on the card.

2. You’ll be billed for other people’s purchases

When someone buys your recycled mobile phone, they won’t be able to access your payment details. But you must ensure that the device is fully deregistered.

On an Android device, you need to remove all accounts on the phone. On an Apple device, you need to log into iCloud and remove the device from your account so that it’s no longer associated with an Apple ID.

The safest option is, again, a factory reset.

Remember: some manufacturers like Amazon will link a device to the account for the person that bought it. So if you sell on a pre-registered device, even if it’s never been opened, there is a risk that someone could go on a spending spree.

Be sure to switch on devices — even brand new, sealed ones — and remove all of these authorisations and locks before you sell your phone.

3. Used mobile phones will have out-of-date software

Older phones (particularly Android devices) can be vulnerable to running out-of-date software that doesn’t include the latest security patches.

Manufacturers are generally better about keeping on top of updates than they used to be, so this is less of an issue than it was.

Providing you’re buying a modern smartphone, there’s no need to worry. According to Tom’s Guide, iPhones are generally completely safe for five years after they’re originally made, while Android devices tend to be supported for about three years. So there’s plenty of life in used mobile phones.


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